Sunday, January 13, 2008

Calgary at Edmonton

When I played bantam football, I was used to winning. Our team finished the regular season with 9 wins, 1 loss, tied for first place in our division. Most of our victories were a complete slaughter, with us having two or more touchdowns over the opponent. I wasn't a starter that year, but our bench usually played all or most of the second half after running away with the game.

When we entered the playoffs, our first game was another thrilling victory, which led us to the league semifinals. We played a team from a Mormon town in southern Alberta called Raymond, who were also used to winning easily. Both teams were on a roll, and when we came head to head, somebody had to lose. In the end it was us, but I like to think a lot of that had to do with the refs.

Calgary and Edmonton are both on a roll coming into tonight's game, but neither team is used to winning easily. Still, someone's going to have to lose, and I hope it's not the Oil. This is a four point game for us (we get two, plus take back a game in hand if we win), and we need a good stretch right now if we want to make it into the playoffs. Sitting out for the Flames today are Aucoin, Nystrom, Moss and Primeau, with Tarnstrom and Greene both still out for Edmonton.

The teams plays host to LA after this before going on a road trip in the southeast, which should be easy enough to win. Coming into the homestand, I said that if we could sweep it and do well in the southeast, we'd be looking at a far less uphill battle in making the playoffs.

Let's hope we can do it.


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