Saturday, December 22, 2007

Stoll For Brule? Give me a break.

Near the bottom there, you'll find this: "Are the Oilers going to send C Jarrett Stoll to the Blue Jackets for C Gilbert Brule? That's the rumour ..."

If I'm Lowe, this deal is a bad one because Brule is just one more small center on a team that has two of them already. If I'm Howson, this deal is a bad one because Brule has more upside than Stoll, even if he gets back to his pre-concussion playing level.

A better deal in my mind would be sending Stoll (and probably a 2nd rounder) for Zherdev. We currently have five, maybe six or even seven decent centers (Horc, Stoll, Gagner, Cogs, Brodziak, and maybe Reasoner and Pouliot), whereas we're relatively weak on offense overall.

Zherdev has never really gotten along with Hitchcock, and he definitely has a lot of offensive upside when he's playing his best. To be honest, Stoll is seeming like Lupul all over again. He's playing bad enough this year, that even if we deal him and he goes on to score thirty five goals next year, a trade will still have been justified.

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