Thursday, December 27, 2007

Oilers at Anaheim

This is neither a post game blog nor a pre game blog. It is not even a live blog of the game. It's just something I'm dashing off while waiting for updates from

Curses, CBC, why can't you carry every single Oilers game, regardless of location? WHY?????

Crap. I see the Ducks (whose jersey is modeled to the right by the ever flirtatious George Parros) have scored their second goal with minutes left in the third. Bad news. Bad news indeed.

The Falcons have called up more players, by the way. I was browsing their site for the first time ever (Note to self: Buy the Oilers to gain control of the Falcons to remake their website. It sucks. Took me five minutes to figure out how to find the site itself, after I found the right address.

As reported by Lowetide
here, The Falcons have called up two oddly named fellows, as well as O'Marra, which means they aren't expecting to get Thor back any time soon. This pleases me.

Crap again. The game came to an end, the Oilers failing to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. This means we failed to break our losing streak, and we failed to sweep the Ducks this year.

'Tis a shame. A crying shame.

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