Monday, December 24, 2007

Everybody Has A Favourite

David Staples, of
Cult of Hockey Fame has recently said that his favourite Oiler is Laddy Smid. Soemthing tells me I've heard this before, but I may be confusing him with other bloggers, who have shown affinity for him as well.

Disregarding the fact that he is a fringe Oiler at best, Smid is not my favourite Oiler. Part of this is probably because he just isn't Pronger, like I hoped he would be. I thought that maybe, in time, he would be Pronger. But now I'm seeing the value of the old addage, a Ford will never be a Ferrari.

He doesn't seem to be living up to his potential, either. He has a decent body, and what seems to be mildly potent offensive ability. Yet he really has yet to use either.

My favourite Oiler of the current line up would probably have to be Gilbert Gilbert. He's got all the hockey smarts of a veteran, and the youthfulness of a youthful rookie. If anyone will ever replace Pronger, it's him.

There are definitely some players on our current roster that I would like to get rid of, simply because I have no real love of them as players. For instance, regardless of his abilities, Souray has to go. I was pretty high on him when I heard about the deal (even if I hated the deal itelf), but to me he seems like a player not only over the hill, but who just doesn't really care about the game like he should. It's just an impression I have of him, but it seems like he's all about the paycheque.

In reality, most players are probably like that, but still.

On the other hand, no matter how much we paid for him, no matter how overwieght he was coming in, I love Dustin Penner. I hated the deal, but as a player there's just something about him that I can't explain. But my eyes light up when I see him on the scoresheet. I want him to prove us wrong by outperforming his contract, wheras I would be perfectly happy to see Souray out on his butt at the end of the season.

Everybody has a favourite.

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