Monday, December 10, 2007

Analyzing the Bottom Feeders

This is a relatively low-tech analysis of the league's worst teams, the teams that are fighting to be either the best of the worst and maybe, MAYBE, snag a playoff spot, or are fighting to be the worst of the worst and maybe snag a lottery spot in the draft.

For the intents of this list, bottom feeders are teams that are not playing .500 hockey as of now. In order of points, best to worst, they are: Calgary, Florida, Edmonton, Buffalo, Phoenix, LA and Washington.

With the curious exception of Buffalo, they have all scored less goals than have been scored against them. That's a given, of course, and helps little. Also curious is that the top team in points (CGY) has only 12 wins, less than all but two teams in the league. Only in the NHL do you get points for losing.

And for all the hubbub about Oilers getting points for losing, we only have 1 overtime loss.

Of these teams, only two have a player who I think is capable of winning year end awards at this time. Maybe Hemsky, Roy or Horton will someday, but for now, only Ovie and Iggy have a shot. And only Iggy has any amount of secondary scoring to back him up. I think Calgary's problems can mostly be chalked up to bad goaltending. Who'd have thought?

Teams like Edmonton and Buffalo have a lot of secondary scoring. They have nobody who is a real all star, however.

And that is what seperates a bottom feeder from a league leader, in my own, humble opinion. having both a strong first line and some secondary scoring.

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