Sunday, October 7, 2007

Top Ten NHL Teams

No, this isn't how I think they'll do. I guess it's how I wish they would do. These are my list of favourite teams, in order. I like them all for various reasons, or some of them I just toss into the middle because I can't be bothered to follow them (LA Kings, for instance). The one exception is that whoever happens to be playing Calgary or Montreal invariably shoots up the list a few slots or so.

1. Oilers (no, really!)
2. Philadelphia (I always liked them, and the acquisition of Gator helped that a lot)
3. Sharks (When I was but a wee lad, my favourites were Anaheim, San Jose, and Pheonix, based on nothing but their logos. Sadly, Anaheim has fallen out of favour due to Burke's epic suck, and the whole Pronger thing.)
4. Coyotes (See above.)
5. Penguins (I always loved Lemieux, and Crosby truly is fun to watch.)
6. Capitals (See above, substitute Kolzig for Lemieux and Ovie for Crosby).
7. Islanders (They're sort of a team like the Oilers, usually short on talent but tend to have a lot of heart)
8/9/10. New Jersey, Dallas, Detroit (These all impress me because they always manage to put together a solid team, year after year. And yes, I tied them to I wouldn't have to pick. Consistancy!)


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Kev said...

Some teams I'll be following, not in any particular order:

2) Penguins - exciting young team, especially Crosby
3) Flyers - just cause Gator is there now
4) Sharks - want to see them chew up the Pacific, particularly the Ducks. Also Setoguchi is from the area I grew up and I'm rooting for him.
5) Blue Jackets - just have a soft spot for them, want to see them have some success
6) Wings - loved Yzerman, so have just continued to keep tabs on them
7) Sabres - had been curious about Vanek even before the offer sheet

#1 are the Oilers of course