Monday, October 8, 2007

Chris Chelios in the Dressing Room

Tonight the Oil is going to Michigan to face off agains the old farts-I mean Red Wings- and I'm optimistic.

I expect this game to go to overtime, but I can't say who's going to win.

4-3 for somebody. Goals by Horcoff, Penner and Brodziak for the Oilers.



Kev said...

Good guess on the OT; it did get oh so close at the end didn't it? You just wonder if they had started out well, if they would've walked away with another win. Can't exactly pinpoint why yet, but I get nervous when Grebeshkov in on the ice. I want him to do well, but it's an unconscious reaction I've noticed so far.

Santa Merda said...

I missed the game, due to family functions and Thanksgiving dinner and things of the like.