Monday, September 24, 2007

Who's Flying This Thing?!

Everyone else in the Oilogosphere (including me) has been ragging on the Oilers for weaknesses in the areas of defence and experience. But another important part of a team is missing here, and it's the leadership.

Recently we've lost both Smitty AND Gator, leaving only one of our former Captains or alternate captains on the team.

So, who's the top candidate for captain? There really isn't any one player that stands out from the other choices, although a lot of my fellow bloggers are really big on Moreau, probably because he had the "A" last season.

So, is it going to be Moreau, Stoll, or Horcoff? Or someone else entirely? Or do we go the "three A" route and don't name a Captain at all? Or rotate between the three on a monthly basis?

Anyone have any ideas? Because I sure don't, and I don't know if the franchise does either.

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