Thursday, August 23, 2007

What We Can Brag About

We may be headed for another average (or worse) season, but the Oilers have, by far, the best blogosphere of all the NHL teams. At my last count we had somewhere in the realm of twenty blogs, and I can think of five or so that really set the bar for the rest of us.
The best of the Oilogosphere is Lowetide. He often sees what others miss, and tends to have the most up to date news.
Next is a four-way tie, in my humble opinion, between Covered in Oil, Black Dog Hates Skunks, MC79 Hockey and Irreverent Oil Fans. The only real problem with any of these three is that oftentimes they lack active posting, forcing readers (well, me) to look for my news elsewhere. BDHS is often an exception to this, however.
And while a newcomer to the scene, Oilblobosphere looks very promising indeed. I look forward to many happy evenings trying to access his page quickly before my internet calves on me.


grease trap said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out, Adam!

Like your list, but I would definitely add Battle of Alberta to it (unless you think it's more of a falmes/oilers blog?).

And it's downtime right now, but when the season gets going Hot Oil gets squeee-ing, in many good ways.

I'm probably forgetting someone good, but I will say this: Lowetide is definitely the best as you've indicated.

In fact, I've scanned tons of team blogs across the board and I've yet to find anyone with his mix of knowledge, history, warmth and writing ability.

Santa Merda said...

:O I forgot Hot Oil!