Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I'm going to try to rationalize some of Lowe's moves here, because someone has to.

1. The Smyth Trade

For one thing, Smyth was on the wrong side of 30, and paying him 5.5 mill/year would be paying for what he's done, not what he's going to do. Also, Nillson and O'Marra could become solid NHLers someday, probably in four years or so, maybe a bit longer. I've never read anything negative of Nillson except for inexperience, and I'd imagine by the time he's in his late twenties he could be a starter for the team. He'll never be Smytty, but he'll probably be good.

2. The Souray Signing

This deal looks a lot better now than it did when it happened, because when it happened we still had Simpsons screwing up the powerplay and any skill Souray had on it would be lost by our back assward Power play strategy. Now that he's been replaced by Daum, however, Souray might ALMOST be worth the money. Almost.

3. The Penner Offer Sheet

When it happened, I was wondering what in the world Lowe could possibly be thinking. He played his first full NHL season at the age of 24, and that was with excellent young talent in his line. However, 29 goals in a rookie season is pretty darn impressive in my books, even if you are far too old to be having a rookie season at all. If he can at least keep his numbers level this season, and then start to climb up he might be worth the money by the end of his contract. But for this much, he'll really need to be scoring around 40 goals a season and be helping Hemsky become a better player.


Scarlett said...

I'm coming around on the Souray signing. His defensive woes will be overshadowed by his powerplay points. But the Penner one is still not sitting very well with me. I don't like how late a bloomer he is, and even though his number are good, it'll be tough to keep them up in his second year. I hope he surprises us all!

And you're linked up!

grease trap said...

I'm not too low on Souray, but as one of the central pillars to the team? (as he'll have to be at that price) That one's a little harder to swallow.

Santa Merda said...

Could be worse.

We could have signed Carter for the same money.